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Monday, March 7, 2022.

God’s Word:

“What I said in the past has come true. I will reveal new things before they happen.”(Isaiah‬ ‭42:9‬)

Common English Bible:

“The things announced in the past—look—they’ve already happened, but I’m declaring new things. Before they even appear, I tell you about them.”

Contemporary English Version:

“Everything has happened just as I said it would; now I will announce what will happen next.”

Easy-To-Read Version:

“In the past, I told you what would happen, and it happened! Now I am telling you something new, and I am telling you now, before it happens.”

Beloved, God as in time past have been true in His promises, so will He be now and in time to come. All things which He had formerly promised or foretold have exactly come to pass in their proper seasons, and not one of them failed, so, you should have great reason to believe that whatever He now promise you, though it be new and strange to you, shall infallibly be accomplished. What is that thing the Lord promised you or have told you and seems to tarry? don’t loose hope, hold unto those words, because He has done it before in the lives of others and even in your life and He will do it again. All He has done in the past only shows the evidence that He alone is God, and this should lead you to confide in Him alone as the only true God. He knows the end of a thing before it even starts, so, whatever He said He will do in your life, that is exactly what He will do, keep on trusting Him.


Doris Olufunke Olatunji

( Ododoeye)


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