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Friday, March 3, 2023.

New Living Translation:

“Only the living can praise you as I do today. Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next.” (Isaiah‬ ‭38‬:‭19‬)

Common English Bible:

“The living, the living can thank you, as I do today. Parents will tell children about your faithfulness.”

God’s Word:

“Those who are living praise you as I do today. Fathers make your faithfulness known to their children.”

Easy-To-Read Version:

“People who are alive, people like me, are the ones who will praise you. Fathers should tell their children about how faithful you are.”


Beloved, as long as you have the breathe of God  in your lungs, keep praising Him for keeping you alive regardless of what you are going through now, because when there is life, there is hope.



Doris Olufunke Olatunji

( Ododoeye)



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