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TODAY’S SOUL-LIFTING SCRIPTURE of Thursday, January 13, 2022.

New International Version

“In famine he will deliver you from death, and in battle from the stroke of the sword.”(Job‬ ‭5:20‬)

Good News Translation:

“when famine comes, he will keep you alive, and in war protect you from death.”

Contemporary English Version:

“In times of war and famine, God will keep you safe.”

Common English Bible:

“In famine he will ransom you from death; in war, from the power of the sword.”


Beloved, this year is full of a lot of promises for us as God’s children,but that does not mean absence of different kinds of challenges and situations, the good news is that, in all, He will be right there to provide succour and way out for us. Do you know that steadiness of mind and heart under trial, is one of the highest attainments of faith? There is little exercise for faith when all things go well. But if God raises a storm, permits the enemy to send wave after wave, and seemingly stands aloof from our prayers, then, we become stronger, better and trust Him more. So, whatever comes your way this year, be sure that God’s got your back, you are not alone.


Doris Olufunke Olatunji

( Ododoeye)



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