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Christian Holy Land Tour & More


The SoulLifters World is a nonprofit charitable organization, helping Christians who consider themselves spiritual Israel to be an Ensign to explore the nation and land of Israel. Our purpose is to encourage families to tour the Holy Land to identify with Jerusalem and bring Bible experience back to life.

Travel on a unique Holy Land experience and journey with us to Israel and Jordan on a spiritual combination tour. Rare is a land whose impact reverberates in the lives of so many people. “Walk where Jesus walked,’ and imagine yourself in the Galilee, and in Capernaum –referred as Jesus “own town” (Matthew 9:1), where Jesus began his ministry (Mark 1:21 John 6:59), and recruited his first disciple (John 21:15-17). Stand on the Mt. of Beatitudes (Matthew 5, Matthew 6, Matthew 7, Matthew 8) and make believe you are listening to the Lord preach the Sermon on the Mount. Submerge yourself in the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (John 1:29-33). Continue on to the Golden City of Jerusalem, and walk the Stations of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa, where you can take time to reflect the Lords sacrifice for all of us, and what an incredible moment it will be when you stand on the Mt. of Olives in Jerusalem, where Jesus ascended in to heaven (acts 1). Continue to Jordan and the Valley of Moses-Wadi Musa. Experience the magnificent Nabatean treasure, one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites – the 2,000 year old city of Petra (Isaiah 2:10). Stay in Mabada, where Moses "the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab"(Deuteronomy 34:5). Stand atop Mount Nebo, from where Moses viewed the Promise Land (Deuteronomy 34). We invite you not just on another trip, but a rare spiritual journey to Israel and Jordan.

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There’s no greater journey then the Holy Land Israel and Rome combination tour. You must visit Rome where Christianity flourished, and it was Saint Paul (Acts 9:1-19) whom converted, and as a Roman citizen spread the Gospel to both Jews and Romans. Begin this amazing journey in Israel and “walk where Jesus walked

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